Teacher Made Learning Resources

Our learning folders have been inspired by teaching and learning inside the classroom. With strong links to the Early Years Foundation Stage, our learning folders and flashcards make the perfect learning resource for toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Our folders support a range of developing skills. Problem solving and logical thinking skills are encouraged with puzzles and patterns. Pen control activities will support fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and number/letter formation. Our 'letter' activities will support uppercase and lowercase associations and our vocabulary builders in the Koala Bear Folder will support a developing vocabulary and support speech and language development.


We offer our learning folders bilingually to support bilingual households or for children learning a second language.
Our flashcards are also available in a range of languages to support language development in the early years.
Available Languages: English, Welsh, Italian, Spanish & French.
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Easily Transportable

Our learning folders are held together with colourful, child friendly rings. They can easily be transported to the garden, the park or even the beach for some outdoor learning. They can be used to keep little ones engaged and busy at restaurants, on a plane or even at weddings and other special events.

Bulk Orders

Our folders are used widely in educational settings, such as primary schools, nurseries, speech & language clinics and other child-care settings. If you are interested in bulk buying our educational resources, please do contact us at littlelearningbears@hotmail.com

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